Audio: Making Aliyah into a War

“Are you crazy?! Don’t you know that a war is going on over there?” Said some friends. “That is exactly why I am making Aliyah!
11/23/2012, 1:56 PM

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“Are you crazy?! Don’t you know that a war is going on over there?” Said some friends. “That is exactly why I am making Aliyah! The enemy wants to intimidate us by scaring us so we think like you. Not me! I might not be a soldier with a gun, but I have a ticket to Israel, that’s how I’m fighting. Just by making a life in Israel!” Shot back the soon to be new immigrant to Israel. “You can die over there, aren’t you afraid?” Was a concerned response. “I’ll tell you what, when I die, put on my gravestone: “He died while he was living!” Were the last words the friends heard as he headed to the plane.

Countries from all over the world have their history how they got started. The United States for example prides itself on the fact that many have died so those that are living there can be free.

Israel is constantly at a state of readiness and war. The people that make Aliyah know this. For some it motivates them even more to make Aliyah. Yehuda a student in the Keshet Yehuda Pre Military Academy Aliyah and Integration Program had this to say when asked how has the war effected his decision regarding making Aliyah. “I am even more motivated to make Aliyah.”Yehuda like the others that are in his program are getting ready to enter Israeli society and the IDF. The Keshet program helps young Jewish men 17-20 to get a better perspective of what’s really going out there by integrating them into over 130 Israelis their age right from day one. (

“I have been receiving phone calls from our graduates; they are at the front line and are ready to go in if need be. They have called to tell me they are ready! I gave them some words of encouragement and a blessing... The truth is, they give me more encouragement then I feel I give them! Remarked Rabbi Michael Cohen, Director of the Keshet Yehuda Aliyah and Integration program.

While there has been a “ceasefire” whatever that means…by no means has this been the last of it. The Iron Dome is not enough… Only on the Iron Will of the Jewish Nation will we continue to build our Great Nation! Think of yourself as a special kind of missile, one that when landing not only doesn’t destroy anything but helps make Israel a better place! So go ahead shoot yourself over here…we are waiting for you!

If you haven’t caught Aliyah Fever… catch it now and spread it!

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Aliyah Time me is hosted by David Lev and Hillel Levin & friends. David Lev is the founder and Director of the Aliyah Magazine and he also has a blog on Arutz Sheva entitled: Aliyah Blog. Hillel Levin has been helping new immigrants to Israel for years and together they make a powerful team. They present information regarding making aliyah including purchasing real estate, joining the army, obtaining employment and positive inspiration and an English flair. The podcast airs every Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Arutz Sheva - Israel National Radio's English language live streaming audio feed.
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