Audio: Your hobbies can make Aliyah too!

Meet Yehuda, who is an avid road cyclist. On average he pedals his fine tuned machine to which he refers to as his “baby” 400 miles a week!
11/11/2012, 2:17 PM

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Your hobbies can make Aliyah too!

Making Aliyah is a serious decision with many steps and considerations depending on your age.  Finding a job, a place to live, schools, going to the army and the list marches on. Then on top of all of this, if that wasn’t enough you have to learn a new language, getting used to your new surroundings and getting used to the mentality… To sum it all up… can you spell “S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D  O-U-T!?” An understatement to say the least!
…And that’s why you need your hobbies to make Aliyah too!
Meet Yehuda, who is an avid road cyclist. On average he pedals his fine tuned machine to which he refers to as his “baby” 400 miles a week!
“I need a playground that can give me at least 100 kilometers a day.” Was a determined remark by Yehuda as he goes through the process of finding his stake in the Land of Israel.

Yehuda is on a pilot trip. Pilot trips are highly recommended. These are planned trips prior to making Aliyah, where you can see things, talk to potential employers, visit communities, schools and meet people in person. Some come for a week, while others like Yehuda are on for 3 weeks, then he and his wife will be back together in the summer for round two.
On this pilot trip Yehuda and his bike both participating.  He plans on riding his “baby” to visit potential communities that can become the future home for his family and their hobbies!

“Biking is very important to me; I’m here to not only to see about housing and work, but to meet Israeli cyclists and to learn about the cycling community in Israel.”  Yehuda said with optimism.

Yehuda was not disappointed. He has been riding to his heart’s content on Israel’s well kept modern roads and meeting Israeli cyclists that share his passion. In between all this he is going on job interviews that were set up by Nefesh B’Nefesh and others that he met Here in Israel that want to help another Jew come home along with biking around the Country visiting communities!
“We don’t want Yehuda to leave!” Was the plea of one of Yehuda’s new Israeli cycling friends! As much as Israel is making an impression on Yehuda, he is making the same and more on Israel!

“I want to help build up cycling in Israel, cycling is great for all people, young and old. I have a lot of experience and want to share that Here in Israel with my people in my Land!” Stated Yehuda with pride.

Israel has lots of fabulous opportunities for having fun. Whatever your hobbies are, be sure to have them make Aliyah with you or find some new ones Here!
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Photo credit: andy_c / Foter / CC BY

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