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You’ve heard the “Yuppies," now meet the new geeration of “Young Aliyah Professionals" who are moving to Israel.
10/26/2012, 8:14 AM

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You’ve heard the “Yuppies”, a term that first came into use in the early 1980s that stands for “Young Urban Professionals.” Well here we are in the new millennium with a new group of young Jews that are “Young Aliyah Professionals!” These are those smart young Jews who were educated outside of Israel who have obtained a professional status and now are looking at Israel to be the place to which to apply their skills and talents.

“I received my MBA in Israel and it was completely paid for by the Israeli Government!” Was the comment of Rabbi Josh Kanter and young man in his twenties who made Aliyah after university with his wife Jen. Both Josh and Jen are young professionals. Israel is their choice of where to make a meaningful life, raise their children (one so far, with hopefully many more to come!) and apply their professional strength to their jobs in Israel.

Rabbi Josh works for MASA Israel which is Hebrew for “Journey” is an organization dedicated to connecting Jewish young adults (ages 18-30) to gap year, study abroad, post-college, and volunteer programs. These Israel programs are designed to be exciting, life-changing experience in Israel. There are over 200 of these programs ranging from religious to secular programs and everything in between. Rabbi Josh was hired by MASA to be their Director of Torani Programs which makes up of a good chunk of the MASA Israel programs.

Rabbi Josh is not alone. There are many young professionals that are looking at Israel as their “Land of opportunity.” The Israeli government pays for a college degree, whether it is a first degree or something beyond. ‘The way things are looking in the States today, I feel more confident that I will have not only get a good job in Israel, but a meaningful life!” Remarked one young man as he was pondering his future.

Rabbi Josh, his wife Jen and their little daughter happily live burbs of Efrat, which just a hop, skip and a jump from Jerusalem. In our conversation with Rabbi Josh we could feel his passion for being in Israel he said about his life in Israel, “I feel I have so much meaning Here…”

Jen added, “A lot of our friends had 5 year plans (to make Aliyah) that have already expired, whenever I talk to my friends I feel really bad for them because the all really want to make it here… I really hope they can make it here, because as my husband says, ”life has so much more meaning Here.””

So what’s the hold up? Young, full of energy, will and desire… bring it on! Israel is waiting for you!

“YAPPIE” Young Aliyah Professional, you heard it here first…on Aliyah Fever! Catch it every Wednesday 12pm Easter, 7pm Israel time in

The Kanter family, one of the many moving to Israel.

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