Audio: Does a Successful Aliyah "Just Happen?"

“Welcome to Israel, where things just happen.” They don’t make any sense at all, but it keeps happening over and over again.
10/18/2012, 11:22 PM

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“Welcome it Israel, where things just happen.” It doesn't make any sense at all, but it keeps happening over and over again. Some might just sum it up as coincidence perhaps no difference than anywhere else. Others believe it is Divine Providence and while it does occur elsewhere, in Israel it seems to be much more intense.

Coincidences or Divine Providence, whatever you want to call it is a common occurrence in Israel. Just ask anyone that lives in Israel or has been Here. They will tell you the most amazing stories. We almost expect it to happen as if it was part and parcel of a real Israel experience and that it is one of the true signs that you are in Israel.

Rav Michael, Avraham along with a couple of their neighbors, Kabbalist Rabbi Chaim Pais and poet/songwriter Leah Epstein share thoughts about how prevalent the Hand of G-d is in Israel.

“Sometimes making ends meet isn’t the easiest. But I can honestly say, when I look at my bank account at the end of the month and I was able to put food on my table and pay my bills, it is a miracle because the income doesn’t match what is going out…” Remarked Rabbi Pais

Leah spent years pondering the daily miracles that she experienced living in Israel so much so she decided after all these years to put it into poetry and song. He book ‘Planted Stars” is a collection of poems that are clear, poignant, and from the heart, and that document her emotions and experiences in the years since she made Israel her home and commenced raising her family. Leah shares some of her experiences and poetry with Rav Michael and Avraham on Aliyah Fever! Catch Aliyah Fever! Every Wednesday at 12pm Eastern, 7pm Israel time on

David Lev is a prolific writer with extensive experience in media productions. He is founder of Aliyah Magazine and the Jewish TV Channel, with a focus on connecting Jews to Israel. David is an avid explorer of biblical sites; he is also a serving non-commissioned officer with Israeli security forces, which welcomes potential volunteers. Dr. Sam Minskoff, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Jerusalem providing psychological services to the English speaking community, in particular those pertaining to the Aliyah process. He has an excellent reputation for successfully helping a wide range of people in his unique caring way for individual attention. New confidential enquiries are most welcome. Contact either of them:
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