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Revisiting the Temple Mount, Our Spiritual Heart and National Center: No Fear.
10/11/2012, 11:20 PM

A7 Radio's "Temple Talk" with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven
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Join Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven as they have emerged from their elevated spiritual Sukkah cocoons and are back on dry land just in time to witness once again the creation of the world in this week's parshat Bereshit! It seems that while we were busy basking for seven days in our well earned Sukkot rest and relaxation, after all our spiritual efforts of the past two months, G-d was even busier, creating the world! And what a perfect world it is, well, was... until man was created and things began to get complicated. But with the imperfections, G-d also blessed man with the tools to perfect himself and all of creation, as well.

The Sukkot holiday saw record numbers of devout Jews ascending the Temple Mount, the greatest number of all going up with Rabbi Richman on Isru Chag - the special quasi-festive day the follows the conclusion of Shmini Atzeret, (Simchat Torah). 59 Jews from Ranaana accompanied Rabbi Richman, and pledged to come again. The place of the Holy Temple is returning to the hearts and minds of the people of Israel, a crucial precondition for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple - soon in our days!

Preparations for the Temple Institute's Gala 25th Anniversary Celebration are in full swing. A number of seats are still available, Journal messages can be purchased, and a stunning, original 1 x 1.5 meter oil painting titled, GOING UP TO THE THIRD TEMPLE, has been put on the auction block! To learn how to be a part of the excitement,

An all-new parashat hashavua Bereshit/Noach video teaching will be posted next week. Well worth the wait!

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Israelis walking on the outer sidewalk perifery of the Temple Mount area, October 2012. Photo credit: Temple Institute.

Rabbi Chaim Richman is the international director of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem which is dedicated to rebuilding the Holy Temple (Beit HaMikdash). He is a member of the current effort to revive the Sanhedrin and the author of ten books including Mystery of the Red Heifer and A House of Prayer for All Nations. Yitzchak Reuven works at the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. He previously worked building Biblical harps and other musical instruments for use in the Holy Temple. He and Rabbi Chaim Richman have been friends since their Israeli army days. They host the Temple Talk podcast dealing with issues of the Temple Mount and the weekly Torah parsha every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Israel time (11 a.m. U.S. EST) on Israel National Radio. Contact Rabbi Richman at:
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