Audio: What Would Happen in an EMP Nuclear Attack Over Your Skies?

The real 'killers' of an EMP bomb can kill up to 90% of a population in only one year!
9/30/2012, 12:06 PM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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What Would Happen in an EMP Nuclear Attack Over Your Skies?

Listen to this informative and unnerving interview about how an EMP attack could kill up to 90% of a nation's population within 12 months due to a world which is so dependent on electrical power. 

Dr. William Forstchen author of the book, "One Second After" a novel on what would happen after an EMP attack in the USA, joins Tamar and describes stage by stage, the real 'killers' of an EMP bomb. 
Forstechen tells us that an EMP attack is not a benign nuclear attack.  He takes us through the after-effects people will experience, including the inevitable economic collapse of society. Learn about the G-O-D Kit (Get Out of Dodge) that you should have in your house/car. Learn about MAD- Mutual Assured Destruction, and why that policy is not working with Iran, a radical Islamic regime. Learn the safest place to be after an attack, how to recognize you have been hit with an EMP bomb (because there will be no communications whatsoever), and what the biggest killers would be that would take the majority of lives.
Be prepared.  See blog for an additional list of things to have in your home for an emergency.
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