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Audio: Calls for Death to Jews, By Both Arabs and an Israeli Commander

Last week, both Arabs and Israeli security forces in separate instances called for the death of Jews. Why?
9/9/2012, 11:59 PM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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Last week during the expulsion of Jews from their homes in Migron, protesting youth from outside, came and took to the roof tops of caravans in protest. They had no weapons and were not there for violence.  When given the order to bring them down, an Israeli security force commander told his forces to 'kill them' [the protesting youth]. See video showing this said several times (at least 6 times) by a security commander [at 12 min in]).  Click HERE for video.

Yesterday, Arabs with clubs, rocks and other makeshift weapons converged on the Jewish village of Aish Kodesh calling out, ‘Yitbach al Yahud’ [Kill the Jews]. 
Either way, Jewish settler-pioneers are the target. Why?

Tamar interviews a resident, Aviela Deitch, from Migron and Aaron Katzoff from Aish Kodesh, to get a first hand response to the grave situations they have been facing.

Also, Edwin Black joins Tamar and talks about the Iranian 'Nuclear Threat' and  Shifra Hoffman  pundits on the news showing anti-Semitic crimes in the USA.

Join Tamar as she covers the latest news of Israel, politics and current events!

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