Audio: S. Y. Agnon's 100th Inspires Young Writers

Israel's First Nobel Prize winner is in vogue. Hear from his son and daughter and his modern influence.
8/13/2012, 1:38 PM

A7 Radio's "Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast" with Ben Bresky
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S. Y. Agnon, known in Israel as Shai Agnon was the recipient of the Israel Prize, the Bialik Prize and Israel's first Nobel Prize laureate. The Shai Agnon House and Museum is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of his first story "And the Crooked Shall Be Made Straight." 
Ben Bresky of the Arutz Sheva's Israel Beat Podcast takes you on an audio tour of this historic Jerusalem location. Hear from tour guides and historians Caroline Shapiro and Nikky Strassman.
Museum manager and curator Eilat Lieber talks about how Shai Agnon's genius once fell out of style but is today considered a great influence on young writers. 
Hear an interview with Shai Agnon's son Hemdat Agnon who talks about how he got out of army duty to help his father type up manuscripts. Emuna Yaron, Shai Agnon's daughter, also a well-known writer is interviewed as well.
Plus, actual audio of Shai Agnon's famous Nobel Prize acceptance speech.
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Ben Bresky is a music journalist and recording engineer living in Jerusalem. He hosts The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast interviewing a wide range of Jewish and Israeli musicians from Carlebach to klezmer, from hasidic to trance. For full archives visit
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