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Audio: Purchasing or Renting Real Estate in Israel

Understanding of Israeli leases, what community to choose & more from Avi Silverman, the home and community adviser of NbN.
8/10/2012, 1:41 PM

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“You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!” Learn about the challenges and excellent solutions to finding your home in the Home Land from Avi Silverman, the home and community adviser of Nefesh B’Nefesh. Many have very little idea where to live, what to watch out for, an understanding of Israeli leases and what community is right for them. Avi is going to tell you how you can figure it all out so you can tell the taxi driver your new address when you get of that plane! 

In part will hear from some very cool young Jews on a five-week visit to Israel and another awesome Yid who is visiting Israel...Avraham works hard to convince them all to make Aliyah. 

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David Lev is a prolific writer with extensive experience in media productions. He is founder of Aliyah Magazine and the Jewish TV Channel, with a focus on connecting Jews to Israel. David is an avid explorer of biblical sites; he is also a serving non-commissioned officer with Israeli security forces, which welcomes potential volunteers. Dr. Sam Minskoff, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Jerusalem providing psychological services to the English speaking community, in particular those pertaining to the Aliyah process. He has an excellent reputation for successfully helping a wide range of people in his unique caring way for individual attention. New confidential enquiries are most welcome. Contact either of them:
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