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Audio: Siyum HaShas Produces Crop of New Music!

Israel's first Jewish religious puppet / marionette band the Buba Meisas. Plus MBD, Miami & more.
8/10/2012, 12:22 PM

A7 Radio's "J-Jam" with Adam Mallerman
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New songs from Mordechai Ben David, Eli Shwebel and the Miami Boys Choir in honor of the Siyum HaShas, the 2012 celebration for the completion of the Talmud reading cycle. 

Plus, the Moshav Band, Meidad Tasa, Yaakov Shwekey & and Israel's first Jewish religious puppet / marionette band the Buba Meisas.

Also we give vital reasons why Israel probably shouldn’t host the Olympics!!

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Adam Mallerman, founder of Rusty Mike Radio, joins the Arutz 7 team with his signature show, 'J-Jam'. J-Jam will deliver Jewish music, hip, holy, modern and melodic with a twist of news and talk in between. Join Adam's group on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/j.jamradio/ and message him your music requests!
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