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Audio: Three Weeks Music Special & Dvar Torah

The only non Jewish song you will hear on J-JAM (but you can still bentch to it!
7/25/2012, 3:01 PM

A7 Radio's "J-Jam" with Adam Mallerman
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The third & final week of the Three Weeks Specials & it’s a great mix!  Nochi Krohn Band with Rav Yosef Karduner; an acapella twist on a summer camp classic; brand new AKA Pella & much more + Rav Yisrael Cohn talks Parshat Dvarim & its connections to Tisha B’Av; some Olympic sports that are ideal for Tisha B’Av & the only non Jewish song you will hear on J-JAM (but you can still bentch to it!)

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Adam Mallerman, founder of Rusty Mike Radio, joins the Arutz 7 team with his signature show, 'J-Jam'. J-Jam will deliver Jewish music, hip, holy, modern and melodic with a twist of news and talk in between. Join Adam's group on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/j.jamradio/ and message him your music requests!
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