Audio: The Kibbutz Native Son Hikes the Length and Breadth of the Bible

Yishai Avital had a happy kibbutz childhood. Today he guides Jews through the Land of the Bible.
7/19/2012, 11:58 PM

A7 Radio's "Life Lessons with Judy Simon" with Judy Simon
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Yishai Avital is the son of Romanian Jews who grew up in dire poverty, but believed in the ideas of equality and Torah for every Jew.

They made Kibbutz Yavneh their home, where Yishai spent a very happy and carefree childhood.

A child of the kibbutz meant growing up in security, wide expanses, and a whole kibbutz as the extended family.

At 17 1/2 he met the woman of his dreams, and married her when he was a month out of the army.

Once grown, Yishai worked in the chicken hatchery, a successful agricultural enterprise with a million chicks a month sold country-wide.

Being a member of Kibbutz had its challenges as well, and after 10 years, he and his wife left for America,

to be emissaries through the Bnei Akiva Youth Movement.

At the end of their stint in Chicago, they decided not to return to kibbutz, and made their home in Ofrah, north of Jerusalem.

After a brief experience in the poultry equipment industry, Yishai returned to a field he had trained for previously: tour guiding.

He specializes in taking Jewish groups from all over the world on hikes all around Israel, and particularly, to the places where our heritage was formed.

Now a seasoned tour guide, Yishai shares some of his favorite parts of Israel to visit, some of his thoughts on hiking through the Land of Israel,

and some stories abut unusual events on his tours.

Tune in to meet an exhilarating and animated Jew who loves his People and his Land!

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