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Audio: Wandering Jew: Shoshanna Harrari -- Harp Master and Healer

The Harraris wandered the world until they came to Israel and Torah. Then they heard the call of the harp.
7/5/2012, 2:51 PM

A7 Radio's "Life Lessons with Judy Simon" with Judy Simon
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Shoshanna Harrari had a normative Jewish American childhood.

When she met her husband, they realized that they wanted to get away from society, from crowds.

They kept moving to more and more remote places, until they landed in a tiny wooden cabin in the middle of the Colorado mountains.

They lived a natural life, chopping wood and getting water from a nearby stream. Every night, they would read to each other.

One night, the snow did not stop falling, leaving the Harraris cabin-bound for a number of days.

The hardest part? No new books to read. The only unread book in the house was a Tanach.

So they started reading from the beginning.

They became so caught up in the powerful stories and messages, they couldn't put it down.

Some time and more wanderings later, they came to Israel, expecting an ancient biblical land.

Culture shock aside, they found some wonderful people and a beautiful land.

It was time for Shoshanna's husband to fulfill his promise from so many years ago: to make his wife a harp for her birthday.

While researching they found a cave painting of a biblical harp and began the task of turning wood into an instrument.

Discovered by a journalist looking for lemons, the Harraris discovered that they were the first Jewish harp makers making biblical harps in 2,000 years!

Thus the Harrari family became Harp makers, perfecting the art as the years went on.

Tune in to hear about the healing qualities of the harp (think: King David), types of harps,

the connection between the letters of the Hebew alphabet and the harp, and to sample some hauntingly beautiful harp melodies.

For more information about Harrari Harps, check out their website: .

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