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Audio: Past-Life Regression Therapy and the Holocaust

Past-Life Regression Therapy and the Holocaust Many people alive today are actually reincarnations of Holocaust martyrs.
4/19/2012, 11:55 PM

A7 Radio's "Lazer Beams" with Lazer Brody
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In a past life regression (PLR), one may access memories from a prior incarnation. In a regression, a facilitator, preferably a trained and licensed psychiatrist who is also in qualified hypnosis therapy, encourages the client to enter into a relaxed state, which can allow past life memories to surface.
Visualization techniques are often used, such as having the client envision a peaceful setting, such as garden or meadow. The client, once relaxed, will then be encouraged to see themselves crossing a foot bridge or going through a gateway.  As the client crosses the barrier, scenes from past incarnations, past life memories, may be experienced.

PLR - performed by non-Jewish therapists or those with no connection whatsoever to Judaism - has shown that many people alive today are actually reincarnations of Holocaust martyrs. Not only that, but we see how the Holocaust still lives on in our hearts and psyche. We shall never forget!

Photo caption: Rabbi Lazer Brody at the mass grave of 1,500 Yanov, Ukraine martyrs killed - including his relatives from his father's side - who were btutally murdered by the Nazis in the Spring of 1942.

Multi-talented author, speaker, composer and spiritual guide, Rabbi Lazer Brody came to Israel from the USA in 1970 after graduating from the University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture. A decorated veteran of an elite IDF Special Forces Unit, he left his mountaintop farm in Samaria in 1982 and began intensive Torah studies that led to his rabbinical ordination in 1992. Rabbi Brody pens the award-winning Lazer Beams weblog , is the English-language editor of Breslev Israel web magazine , and the author of numerous books in Hebrew and English including the highly-acclaimed 'The Trail to Tranquility'.  His translation of 'The Garden of Emuna', written by his rabbi and spiritual guide Rav Shalom Arush shlit’a, has become an international best seller. In addition, Rabbi Brody’s original Calming Waters album is an exquisite collection of his soul-healing flute melodies. He hosts the Lazer Beams podcast every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio.
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