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Audio: What Makes a Chabad Rabbi Tick? Rabbi Avraham Hendel Shares.

Rabbi Avraham Hendel has been guided by Divine Providence throughout his life. Miracles great and small.
4/19/2012, 1:16 PM

A7 Radio's "Life Lessons with Judy Simon" with Judy Simon
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On his mother's side, Rabbi Avraham Hendel is a fourth generation Chabad (Lubavicher Chassid) emissary.
Born in Israel to an American couple who were hand-picked for "shlichus" (outreach) by the Lubavicher Rebbe,
Rabbi Hendel learned from a very young age how to do outreach, caring about fellow Jews wherever they were in life.
At 14 he left home for France. He spent almost two years in Australia, and did outreach in various cities in the U.S.
He and his wife finally settled in Florida, expecting to open a Chabad House and settle down.
G-d had other plans.
Rabbi Hendel's life was turned on its head when his 13-year-old brother was killed on the way to bringing Chanukah joy to the IDF soldiers.
Now running the Chabad House of Baka for English Speakers in Jerusalem as well as the Beit Levi Synogague,
Rabbi Hendel shares his story and that of his family with passion and humor,
telling of countless miracles and incidents of Divine Providence throughout.
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