Audio: Arab Man Will Pay $10,000 to be on TV to Disprove Islam

Iraqi Arab ex-patriot says he is willing to pay the TV $10,000 to disprove Islam + more news stories.
3/25/2012, 11:58 PM

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A lot of news coming out of Israel!  

Last night Left and Right wing groups faced off in Tel Aviv on the issue of Iran.  Israeli activist Yoni Klein helped direct an anti-protest to the leftist 'We love Iran and we will never bomb you ' campaign that took place last night, in Tel Aviv.  Who is right, those who love Iran more, or those who love Israel more? 

Shifra Hoffman asks why Israel has Arabs in the Knesset, and I.Q. Al Rassooli says that he will personally pay $10,000 to a TV news channel if he can get on for a 15 minute slot to slam the validity of the Koran.

Gary Cooperberg then comes on and talks about 'Palestine, The Israeli Trojan Horse' which our leaders dragged into our homeland and continue to allow to try to destroy us from within'.

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