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Audio: Jerusalem Scribe Helps Rescue Torah Scroll From Holocaust

Jaime Shear, a Jeruslem based Torah scribe helped rescue a Torah from the Holocaust, Plus, delivering a Torah to Hong Kong.
3/23/2012, 2:00 PM

A7 Radio's "Life Lessons with Judy Simon" with Judy Simon
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Jaime Shear grew up in the shadows of the Holocaust, a descendant of survivors.
His interest in his own Jewish heritage was piqued only once he visited Israel.
Making good on his promise to his parents, he completed university in Montreal, then began studying the fine art of becoming a Torah scribe.
Jaime describes the incredible feeling of being a messenger of G-d while writing the Torah scrolls.
He tells of his trips to Hong Kong where he was commissioned to write a Torah,
meeting privately with hundreds of members of the congregation to write "their" letter in their presence, sometimes being moved to tears.
Jaime shares the story of the lost Torah scroll which was being used by a Polish shoemaker for making sandals, until it was reclaimed,
and which he has the honor of restoring.
Is there a connection between the scribal arts and music? Jaime thinks so.
Tune in to hear Jaime Shear's full story. To see some of his beautiful work, visit

Judy Simon is the host of the show Life Lessons and the mother of six children. After almost 20 years of teaching English and special education, Judy now serves as the Beit El Tourism Coordinator, and organizes tours of the site of Jacob's Dream in Beit El. Check out Beit El's website: and "like" the Beit El Heritage Center Facebook page: To "like" the Hebrew page: Life Lessons explores fascinating people from all walks of life and follows their stories of lessons learned along the way. The Life Lessons podcast airs every Thursday from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio.
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