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Audio: High tech heroes and how modern life becomes much easier

How to stay in sync with modern gadgets, and why Internet is the industry of the future.
2/28/2012, 3:38 PM

A7 Radio's "Goldstein on Gelt" with Douglas Goldstein
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 Ten years ago, how many of us had heard of terms such as "apps", "blogging," or "SEO"? Yet in today's world, this seems to be the direction of most modern industries. Both of the guests on tonight's Goldstein on Gelt show reflect this trend in modern industry and the growth of the Internet. Doug's first guest is Matan Talmi, founder and SEO of Drippler. Drippler is a service that brings consumers the latest rumors, news and updates on their products throughout the product life-cycle. Drippler also saves consumers the hassle of searching and browsing, while making sure they don't miss any valuable information. Find out how Matan first got the idea to create this service and how it helps us navigate our way around the modern world. 

 In the second half of the show, Doug interviews Ryan Mackenzie, a director at Infobarrel.com. Infobarrel is a prime example of a growing Internet industry through which people can make a living by posting blogs and living on the revenue received from surfers clicking on the ads that appear on their sites. Listen to how Infobarrel makes this happen and how online industry is the way of the future.

Douglas Goldstein, CFP® is the owner and director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd., an international investment company. He began his career on Wall Street in 1992 at Dean Witter. After developing a successful practice in New York, Doug moved with his wife and family to Israel. Doug is the author of the book, Building Wealth in Israel: A Guide to International Investments and Financial Planning. The Goldstein on Gelt podcast airs every Monday from 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. on Israel National Radio. For more info visit http://www.goldsteinongelt.com/
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