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Audio: Will Iran Get Nukes?

Gil Ronen and Tamar Yonah discuss Iran. Gil says we should really try to scare the Iranians more convincingly.
2/24/2012, 1:14 PM

A7 Radio's "News & Call-In with Daniel Pinner" with Gil Ronen
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Gil Ronen and Tamar Yonah discuss Iran. Gil says we should really try to scare the Iranians more convincingly. Just threatening their nuclear sites is not good enough.


Advertisement from the 1970s by American nuclear-power companies. Scanned by: J. Ardalan To be used on Nuclear programme of Iran, llustrating American nuclear companies relation with the Shah of Iran. The text reads as follows: GUESS WHO'S BUILDING NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS. The Shah of Iran is sitting on top of one the largest reservoirs of oil in the world. Yet he's building two nuclear plants and planning two more to provide electricity for his country. He knows the oil is running out--and time with it. But he wouldn't build the plants now if he doubted their safety. He'd wait. As many Americans want to do. The Shah knows that nuclear energy is not only economical, it has enjoyed a remarkable 30-year safety record. A record that was good enough for the citizens of Plymouth,  Massachusetts, too. They've approved their second nuclear power plant by a vote of almost 4 to 1. Which shows you don't have to go as far as Iran for an endorsement of nuclear power. NUCLEAR ENERGY. TODAY'S ANSWER. BOSTON EDISON, EASTERN UTILITIES ASSOCIATES, NEW ENGLAND POWER COMPANY PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, NEW ENGLAND GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANIES.

Veteran journalist, Gil Ronen, is an INN newswriter, who previously served on IDF radio.  He currently hosts the 'News, Views & Call-In Show' every Wednesday and Thursday on Israel National Radio.com Email Gil at: gil@a7.org
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