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Audio: Dramatic Derech Eretz in the News

Rabbis Lau and Metzger talk after decades, Satmar and Belz become buddies after 25 years, and more positive news.
1/29/2012, 11:51 PM

A7 Radio's "The Derech Eretz Show" with Rabbi Elan Adler
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Surprising reconciliations, empathy and compassion. Rabbis Lau and Metzger talk after decades, Satmar and Belz become buddies after 25 years, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' emotional farewells and a 15 year old cancer patient gets the surprise of her life! Also, Shmuley Boteach's column on why Rabbis burn out. For comments, compliments or critiques reach Elan at rabbiadlerinisrael@gmail.com Have a great week and enjoy listening!

Rabbi Elan Adler served as a pulpit Rabbi for 25 years in Stamford, Ct and Baltimore, Md prior to making aliyah in 2010. Rabbi Adler received his Smicha from Yeshiva University, had the privilege of being an aide to Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik for two years, was an activist Rabbi in support of Israel and aliyah, and served as the President of the Baltimore Board of Rabbis. During his tenure as a Rabbi, he was known for being an engaging speaker and teacher, never failing to make easy connections with Jewish people as well as the non-Jewish and African American community. While serving congregations, he was appreciated for being welcoming, embracing of all people, and bringing congregants closer to their Jewish heritage. For more information on Rabbi Adler visit http://elanadler.com/
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