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Audio: "It’s a kind of Chaim Potok meets Philosophy 101"

Part 2: Dr. Joshua Golding talks with Ray and Adam about his new novel The Conversation.
1/26/2012, 10:11 PM

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Dr. Rabbi Joshua Golding joins Ray and Adam this week for round 2 to talk about his newly released novel titled The Conversation.  Dr. Golding also tells us about his involvement with a Noahide group in Louisville, KY., USA.

It is a fascinating book that takes us on a journey of a young Jewish man starting his freshman year of college.  All he really knows about his Jewish identity is that he’s expected to marry a Jewish girl and that the State of Israel is important, but that’s about it.  

David Goldstein’s four-year journey takes him through a series of conversations with rabbis and professors, bull sessions with friends, emails, phone calls, letters, journal entries, exams, term papers, lectures, and even a Talmud study session. Follow David on this philosophical, spiritual, and intensely personal quest as he learns about God and Judaism – as well as a few other things along the way.  There is even conversation on the subject of the Noahide Laws.

About the author:
Joshua Golding is a professor of philosophy at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky. He has held research positions at the University of Haifa and at the University of Notre Dame and is the author of Rationality and Religious Theism (Ashgate, 2003). He has published articles in Religious Studies, Faith and Philosophy, Modern Schoolman, Tradition, and Torah U-Madda Journal, and has rabbinical ordination. This is his first work of fiction.

Praise for The Conversation:
The Conversation is a rare combination of an intellectually engaging and enjoyable read. It enlivens various philosophical and religious positions, and then puts Judaism into an animated conversation with them. It’s a kind of Chaim Potok meets Philosophy 101. The results are rich in narrative, tradition and ideas. It is also an excellent book for young adults and their parents to read at the same time, to stimulate discussion about important issues and challenges.”
-Faydra Shapiro, Associate Professor of Religion and Culture, and author of Building Jewish Roots (winner of the National Jewish Book Award)

Rabbi David Katz joins Noahide Nations again this week with answers to the questions; Did Jacob learn the secrets of God from Shem? The 12 tribes proclaimed God is one..What did Jacob answer back? Is the world created with evil for a reason? What did Shem teach both Abraham and Jacob about Proper Conduct with God?

For more information on the Noahide Laws and being a Noahide please

Ira Michaelson and Rod Bryant are the former hosts of the popular Beyond the Matrix radio show. They have joined the Arutz Sheva – Israel National Radio team to be able to further their message of truth to the global audience. Ira Michaelson is the outreach coordinator for Jews for Judaism – East and Rod Bryant Director of Education and Counseling for Netiv, Torah study center. He is a former Christian minister, now a Noahide, who advocates Torah-based principles. Join the pair as they discuss burning issues for Bnei Noach and the world and invite provocative and thought provoking guests which will be a light unto the nations. A Light to the Nations airs every Tuesday at 1:00 a.m. US eastern time / Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio
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