Audio: Bones and the Bronze Age - Domestication Stratified

Leaving no bone unstirred, Haskel Greenfield helps shed some light on ancient sites and ancient peoples.
12/21/2011, 9:00 PM

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If you spend enough time in Serbia and with Zulu women in Africa, maybe you too can understand bones that come out of the ground in Israel. Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Manitoba, Canada, Haskel Greenfield shares his delightful route of discovery learning how man developed a relationship with animals, using technology to see what implements are used on bones. Professor Haskel Greenfield is an archaeologist whose research focuses on the evolution of early agricultural and complex societies in the Old World. His research specialties in archaeological faunal analysis, spatial analysis, geophysical instrumentation and ancient butchering technology are playing a key role in understanding ancient sites - like Tel es Safi - Ancient Gat of the Philistines. Haskel's projects with Hebrew University reviewing many earlier digs, and in the field with Bar Ilan University at Tel es-Safi, have reached striking conclusions. Moreover, you will get a nice take on how Chanukah's events were launched! This pleasurable, highly edifying, and fun conversation runs for all 4 segments.

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