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Audio: First Lady of the Philistines - Prof. Louise Hitchcock

Invasion from the West! The Philistines Arrive in Israel! Sea Peoples Revealed.
12/7/2011, 10:06 PM

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In our first hour, we welcome to the show Prof. Louise Hitchcock, Associate Professor of Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology of the University of Melbourne. Louise is part of the interdisciplinary team of scholars and scientists working at Tel es-Safi, identified as ancient Gat by excavator Prof. Aren Maeir, Bar Ilan University. Louise travels a long way and is investing years of work at Gat with her students to discover and connect the Philistine culture to its origins. Revising our take on the Philistines, the new ideas she is percolating through archaeological circles of transculturalism and multivocalism; how the on-site Weizmann Institute lab works with the team, and the breadth of Louise's vision, will hold your attention minute by minute - and the feast menu will make your mouth water! David and Barnea then discuss implications; and review a presentation this week by Dr Gideon Avni explaining the Israel Antiquities Authority's work, status, and impact on archaeology in Israel.

Prof. Hitchcock welcomes your interest. Her website, which includes contact info is:

In our second hour we review the Philistine presence in Israel, review archaeological matters and talk some Torah. It's a fun show this week - don't miss it!

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