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Audio: The Jewish Concept of Love

Understanding what LOVE is all about and how to successfully express your love to those you love.
11/21/2011, 8:19 PM

A7 Radio's "The Jewish Home & Family" with Leora Mandel
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Segment 1:

We start with the world at large to see how the concept of love is understood. Then, we look at Jewish sources to understand what is the Jewish concept of Love. Interested in knowing the Jewish view? Listen to this show!

Relationship Skills: We continue with effective talking skills. Make requests instead of complaints---listen to the examples given on the show to understand the power of this skill.

Segment 2:

Parenting in a Nutshell: How to decrease behaviors that you don't like.

Interview with Rabbi Mordechai Pollock. Rabbi Pollock has put out a Jewish Edition to Gary Chapman's book 'The Five Love Languages.' In our interview with Rabbi Pollock, he will explain to you that expressing love is not always enough. Knowing how to express your love in the love langugae of your spouse/partner can make all the difference in their actually feeling the love that you are trying to express to them. Join us to get a better understanding of the concept of The Five Love Languages and how learning them can help improve your relationship. For more information about The Jewish Marriage Initiative and The Jewish Edition of The Five Love Languages visit:

Happiness: It's important to recognize that happiness is not merely a feeling, but strongly effected by the mind and the way we think about a situation.

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Family therapist, Leora Mandel, is both a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT).  She was trained in the U.S and has had experience working with individuals, couples and families. Her experience spans working in schools, mental health clinics, and private practice.  She does in-home family therapy and is available for online counseling.  Leora made aliyah to Israel with her husband and children, and today lives in the Jerusalem area where she also teaches Torah classes.  She lectures on marital relationships, child rearing, Jewish holidays and home life, to help you increase the harmony in your home! Email Leora with questions or comments at:
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