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Audio: What's in a Name?

Gil discusses the most popular Hebrew name today in Israel, argues about the Sinai, and discusses 'Divorce and Child Custody'.
11/17/2011, 1:18 AM

A7 Radio's "News & Call-In with Daniel Pinner" with Gil Ronen
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Gil discusses the most popular Hebrew name today in Israel, and then argues with Tamar about the Sinai, and whether the peace treaty with Egypt was worth Israel losing it.  Also, the big 'D' and 'C' = Divorce and Child Custody.  One parent wants custody in the USA, and the other in Israel.  Who wins, who loses?  A controversial subject that will continue on tomorrow's show!

Email Gil at:  gil@a7.org

Veteran journalist, Gil Ronen, is an INN newswriter, who previously served on IDF radio.  He currently hosts the 'News, Views & Call-In Show' every Wednesday and Thursday on Israel National Radio.com Email Gil at: gil@a7.org
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