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Audio: Commandments, the Life & Legacy of Steve Jobs, & Gilad Shalit

Rabbi Shimshon Nadel answers questions from you, the listener and teaches Torah!
11/16/2011, 11:56 PM

A7 Radio's "Ask the Rabbi" with Rabbi Shimshon Nadel
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Rabbi Shimshon Nadel fields question from listeners about the nature of the Torah's commandments and explores the experience at Mt. Sinai and its relevance today.
Included in the first half is audio from a class that Rabbi Nadel gave in Frankfurt, Germany recently. 

Rabbi Nadel also explores what we as Jews can learn from the life & legacy of Steve Jobs based on questions and comments in response to a recent article he published.

After the break, we revisit the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap which we began discussing at the close of last week's show.

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"Ask the Rabbi" is the show for YOU to ask any questions you have that needs a rabbi's guidance.  Have a question about Judaism that you don't understand, or maybe you're having relationship/in-law/sibling/family problems but don't know what the Torah would say how to handle them.  Rabbi Shimshon Nadel is that patient, soft spoken and all loving rabbi that you would want to go to, to address your problem to.  Write him at: with any questions you'd like him to answer on the show.  His program airs every Tuesday 1 pm US Eastern time, 8 p.m. Israel time. Rabbi Shimshon Nadel lives in Jerusalem where he heads Yeshivat Torat HaAretz, the Har Nof Community Kollel. Before moving to Israel, he served as a Synagogue Rabbi in Nebraska and Connecticut. He is a frequent contributer to The Jewish Week, Kolmus,, YNet and Israel National News. His forthcoming book is Return Again: The Argument for Aliyah.
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