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Audio: Language Insights; What's Happening Now in Israel

Ancient languages and Biblical Hebrew with Prof. Chaim Cohen of BGU. Plus, today's events.
11/2/2011, 11:27 PM

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The daily lifestyle of the Bible is in the background of the text. Through Akkadian and other writings we can understand the context, and the language, of Biblical events, and Biblical Hebrew. Prof Chaim Cohen of Ben Gurion University takes us on a millenia old tour of language with wonderful revelations for understanding the tyect of the Torah. We chose this time to interview a man of the South as missiles have been falling on Beer Sheva and the area where he lives. Then we shmooze about weddings, the news being unheard overseas, archaeological conferences, and the government announcement of the Kahal building, Livnot's project in Tzfat.

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