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Audio: Yossi Klein Halevi & Dan Diker on This Week's Momentous Events

Yossi Klein Halevi and Dan Diker join Eve Harow and discuss this week's momentous events.
9/21/2011, 1:07 PM

A7 Radio's "Judean Eve" with Eve Harow
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Yossi Klein Halevi and Dan Diker on this week's momentous events

Hour 1

A behind the scenes look at last week's New York's 9th District race
between Turner and Weiprin.  Political strategist Ruth Jaffe Leiberman
worked the campaign for the Republicans and gives us a glimpse of the
political machines and machinations.  Do American Jews living in
Israel have the right and even obligation to participate in US
elections?  Why was this seat deemed so important on both sides of the

The right of the Jews to a state of their own shouldn't be a topic for
discussion 64 years after the UN vote, but it is, and is even the
subject of a book just released jointly by the Jerusalem Center for
Public Affairs and World Jewish Congress.  Eve was at the conference
this week and relates some of the highlights.

Hour 2

Yossi Klein Halevi could be called a member of Israel's 'compassionate
center".  A dove at heart but a hawk by necessity, the brilliant
author and journalist offers his thoughts on the UN vote, the
Netanyahu government, and the wrenching process that Israel's Jews -on
all sides of the spectrum- have undergone in the last 2 decades.
We're being told to relinquish parts of our homeland; even if one
thinks it's an expedient and correct political choice, it should cause
us enormous pain.  Now, however, there is no partner even for those
who believed in the peace process, so that anguish is being delayed
and replaced by the grief a reality of life on war footing.  As
always, an insightful and deep interview with a man for whom Eve has
tremendous respect, even when they disagree.,0,6085772.story,

The Secretary General of the World Jewish Congress is in New York for
the UN meetings this week.  Dan Diker was way ahead of the curve when
he published- along with Pinchas Inbari- the scoop that the PA was
going unilateral a la the Kosovo Strategy way back in 2008.  It's not
the settlement issue or anything else other than bad policy choices
and willful blindness that led to this week's debacle at the UN.   We
do have friends in Europe and Canada who are fighting the moral fight
with us, but it's astonishing how a terror entity has the whole world
dancing to its tune.  Whether the majority of the world is pro-Pal or
anti-Israel (not mutually exclusive....) is a question, but a Pandora'
Box has been opened and the UN will never be the same.  Google Dan
Diker and Kosovo Strategy for the original paper.

Eve Harow, host of Judean Eve is a long-time community activist and tour guide from the Judean hills. Her extensive work in Israel advocacy has taken her all over the world. Each week she discusses archaeology, nature and interviews Israelis on current events in the Middle East and the Jewish world. The Judean Eve podcast airs live every Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio.
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