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Audio: Road Trip to the Elah Fortress; City of David Conference

Megalim - the City of David educational organization, Mr. Aharon Horowitz, The Second Gate Controversy and More.
9/7/2011, 6:22 PM

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This week on LandMinds... (September 7, 2011) - we're off on another Road Trip - this time to the Elah Fortress (Kh. Qeiyafa). Dovid & Barnea take a look at this year's excavation -progress and results - and review the "Second Gate Controversy". Next, we have the director of Megalim - the City of David educational organization, Mr. Aharon Horowitz. He reviews the upcoming Jerusalem Conference (Thursday September 8, 2011) that will showcase this past season's finds in the various City of David excavations, Megalim publications and their educational philosophy.

In our final hour, Barnea and Dovid shmooze about some recent excavations and tours... It's a fun show - we hope you'll join us.

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LandMinds with Dovid Willner & Barnea Selavan, is brought to you courtesy of Foundation Stone, and airs every Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm on Israel National Radio, and is then rebroadcast as part of Israel National Radio's weekly line-up. You can join the LandMinds facebook page, where you can catch the latest information "on the ground", give suggestions for future shows, or just join our social network.
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