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Audio: Hareidim Explore Archaeology; Canada Fights for What's Right

Rabbi Eliyahu Soloveitchik on how archaeology and history can be used to enhance Hareidi education.
8/25/2011, 8:00 AM

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This week on LandMinds, we meet Rabbi Eliyahu Soloveitchik. He's put together a conference (Sunday August 29th in Jerusalem) that will explore how archaeology and history can be used to enhance Hareidi education. This could represent a watershed event in Hareidi education - but the risk of a negative reaction are equally high. This is a rare glimpse into the Hareidi world and should not be missed.

In our second hour, we meet Mr. Larry Zeifman. He's been active in Jewish communal work for many years. He reviews modern Canandian history and how Canada, under Prime Minister Steven Harper has become Israel's primary friend in the world arena. And at a time when Israel is under attack seemingly from all sides, Canada has taken the unpopular - but moral position in defense of the Jewish state.

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