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Audio: Interview with the Maccabeats of Candlelight fame!

David Block of the Maccabeats talks about their upcoming concert in Jerusalem and their hit Candlelight.
7/25/2011, 5:33 PM

A7 Radio's "Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast" with Ben Bresky
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David Block of the Maccabeats talks about their upcoming concert in Jerusalem, their hit Candlelight which has gains over 5 and a half million hits on YouTube and their meeting with the President of the United States. Find out the inside story of how these young men from Yeshiva University teamed together to become one of the most recognizable modern Jewish singing groups. Plus, Ziggy Marley talks about his concert in Jersualem and why he refused to follow the call of "segregation" to boycott Israel.

Also, acapella music from sephardic cantor Eyal Bitton, classic Chabad-Lubavitch melodies, Yosef Karduner, and more. NOTE: This program is 3 Weeks friendly and 9 Days friendly.

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Ben Bresky is a music journalist and recording engineer living in Jerusalem. He hosts The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast interviewing a wide range of Jewish and Israeli musicians from Carlebach to klezmer, from hasidic to trance. For full archives visit
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