Audio: Tammuz: The Eyes of the Idol with the Iron Head are Crying

Beginning the 3 Weeks: Mourning Day and Night: Time to Pick Ourselves Up Off the Floor and Build
7/19/2011, 2:52 PM

A7 Radio's "Temple Talk" with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven
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We once again enter the three weeks of contemplative introspection concerning the Holy Temple which was destroyed 1941 years ago. Are we any closer to building the Holy Temple today than we were a year ago?
Are the three weeks of "mourning " helping to ready us for restoring the Divine service or has it become a cathartic device to "let us off the hook? " The prophet Ezekiel describes enigmatically the idolatrous cult of Tammuz, the eponymous namesake of our current month of mourning. Why did our sages adopt the name Tammuz? What do we learn from the Rambam's and Rashi's understandings of the Tammuz blasphemy?Is our current festival of mourning and fasting leading us somewhere or are we stuck fast?

Rabbi Richman has just returned from America humbled and gladdened by the courageous souls he met along spiritual byways and highways. All roads lead to the Holy Temple. Do we dare takes the steps we need to take?

This week from the TEMPLE INSTITUTE:

WEEKLY TORAH PORTION: MATOT: "A tongue can accuse or carry bad news. " Hank Williams sure said a mouthful with those lines. In truth, it was lashon hara -- an evil tongue -- which put Israel in exile and which kept Israel in the wilderness forty years. But on the flip side, our words, our vows, our oaths and our pledges, if uttered and honored with the proper respect and trust in HaShem, can lead us back to the promised land of Israel.

LIGHT TO THE NATIONS, with Rabbi Chaim Richman:  THE TEMPLE OFFERINGS, PART V: THE DAILY OFFERING, FIRST PART: The daily (Tamid ) Continual offering is so central to Israel's relationship with G-d that the daily prayer service of the past two thousand years is based upon the structure and purpose of the daily offering. But how did the daily offering actually take place in the Holy Temple?


The ill-fated spies, (Numbers 13:1) sent by Moses to spy out the land of Israel and report back to the nation on what they saw, left the desert encampment on the final day of the month of Sivan. They spent the entire month of Tammuz in the land of Israel and returned to the desert encampment on the ninth day of the following month of Av. They spent a total of forty days in the land of Israel, and as a price for the ill words they spoke of her, the entire nation was to spend forty years in their desert exile. The 9th of Av, the day they delivered their evil report, was to become a day of mourning for allgenerations. It is the day that the first and second Holy Temples were destroyed.

It is our responsibility to reverse the opprobrium thus assigned to the month of Tammuz by being certain to see and to say only good things about the land of Israel each and every day of the month. Therefore, every day of the month of Tammuz we will be posting positive words and pictures of the land of Israel.

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Rabbi Chaim Richman is the international director of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem which is dedicated to rebuilding the Holy Temple (Beit HaMikdash). He is a member of the current effort to revive the Sanhedrin and the author of ten books including Mystery of the Red Heifer and A House of Prayer for All Nations. Yitzchak Reuven works at the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. He previously worked building Biblical harps and other musical instruments for use in the Holy Temple. He and Rabbi Chaim Richman have been friends since their Israeli army days. They host the Temple Talk podcast dealing with issues of the Temple Mount and the weekly Torah parsha every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Israel time (11 a.m. U.S. EST) on Israel National Radio. Contact Rabbi Richman at:
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