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Audio: Parenting Part IV: Sibling Rivalry

The forces that drive sibling rivalry and strategies to deal with it as a parent or sibling.
7/7/2011, 6:48 PM

A7 Radio's "The Shmuz" with Rabbi B. Shafier
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Since the time of Kain and Hevel, it seems a given that brothers fight. Even in the most refined home, where individuals are polite and respectful, siblings take liberties with each other that they wouldn't dare take with outsiders- it is almost as if an unwritten law permits the torture of siblings. What is even more surprising is that individuals we know, good people, who outside the home are so courteous and caring, act very differently when they are amongst their closest family -- What is even more shocking is when those "People ", turn out to be you and I. The question is why? Why does the very closeness and attachment we share with family bring out contention, and what can we do about it? 

This Shmuz explores some of the forces that drive sibling rivalry, and offers strategies to deal with it, whether in the role of parents or sibling. 

Rabbi Ben Zion Shafier is Director of www.TheShmuz.com. His lectures, books and articles have impacted thousands of Jews worldwide. You can hear him on radio in Israel, on Hidabroot in Brooklyn, read his written parsha and video column on Arutz Sheva, or visit his website at TheShmuz.com. On the site you can down load over 200 shmuzin for free, as well as purchase his two books "The Shmuz on the Parsha" and "Stop Surviving Start Living". You may also choose to contact by phone @  1-866-623-TORAH. Rabbi Shafier hosts The Shmuz every Thursday from 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio.
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