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Audio: Aging, Raging and Paging

Kosher Elegance cookbook, a senior center in Efrat, fighting anti-Israel boycotts, and more.
6/15/2011, 11:55 PM

A7 Radio's "Judean Eve" with Eve Harow
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Segment 1

Yarid Shira in Park Ra'anana on July 1st is the place to be.  Games, rides, a silent auction, all to aid sufferers of pulmonary hypertension which took the life of Shira Dinur at age 26.  Her friends organized the Fair in her memory. Call Meira at 054-777-1316 for more info.

What do ingestible cameras and some people have in common?  Listen to Eve's experiences of the last couple of weeks for the connection

Attorney Marc Zell is in DC, explaining to some US higher-ups why the policy their own government follows breaks their own US law.  Why are Judea and Samaria based Jews prevented from benefitting from US programs  and business that Arabs in the same areas enjoy?  This boycott is 40 years long, run by the US government with tacit
permission from their Israeli counterparts, and Marc is doing something about it.

Segment 2

'Kosher Elegance' is the name of the new cookbook by Israeli mother of 6, acclaimed culinary expert Efrat Libfroind.  Each recipe has an accompanying picture that should intimidate all but the most accomplished chefs, but the accompanying text makes it doable even for the 'microwave a frozen pizza' set.  No compromises, delicious food and incredible presentation.  Kosher has finally arrived, beyond answering to the Higher Authority, of course. Feldheim Publishers, wherever books are sold.

The Melavim Senior Center opening in Efrat is being run by Berny Schwartz.  Her award winning memory programs are an integral part of the care and do a (literally) mind boggling job of maintaining high level function and quality of life for the elderly.  She'll come to you to run workshops...just remember to ask.

Eve Harow, host of Judean Eve is a long-time community activist and tour guide from the Judean hills. Her extensive work in Israel advocacy has taken her all over the world. Each week she discusses archaeology, nature and interviews Israelis on current events in the Middle East and the Jewish world. The Judean Eve podcast airs live every Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio.
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