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Audio: From Ahuzat Bayit til Tel-Aviv (or TLV)

Where can you find the settlement of Ahuzat Bayit in Israel today? Tel-Aviv was the "new Jewish " city.
5/24/2011, 9:12 PM

A7 Radio's "Welcome to the Tribe" with Gabriella Licsko
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Where can you find the settlement of Ahuzat Bayit in Israel today? When was it established? It was established 102 years ago, but re-named to Tel-Aviv the following year.

Tel-Aviv was built on sand dunes, but turned into a metropolis and the center of an entire metropolitan area.

Named after Theodor Herzl`s "Altneuland " it became a "new Jewish " city, and a city with many faces.

Learn about the establishment of Tel-Aviv, and the reason for its name. Learn about the religious communities in this so-called secular city. Become familiar with the cultural differences between north and south Tel-Aviv. Explore the most wanted areas and the less fortunate areas. Find the answer to why so many skyscrapers are being built today in the city. 

Many people love Tel-Aviv and many do not. But get to know it a bit, it`s for sure worthwhile!

Gabriella Licsko is a lecturer on Jewish history and society focusing on different religious communities. She leads tours of different neighborhoods in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well as tours across the country. Gabriella holds a bachelor's degree in Culture Studies and a master's degree in Jewish Studies and made aliyah from Hungary in 2007. She hosts the Welcome to the Tribe podcast every Tuesday from 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Israel National Radio.
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