Audio: Interview with Hasan Afzal of British Muslims for Israel

Pro-Israel Muslim says that ignorance leads Israel to becoming the whipping stick for Arabs.
5/16/2011, 6:06 PM

A7 Radio's "Reality Bytes" with Josh Hasten
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Hasan Afzal, the spokesman for British Muslims for Israel says that ignorance throughout the Middle East leads to Israel becoming the whipping stick for Arabs and Muslims who are at the mercy of their regimes.  He adds that Israel must improve it's Hasbara efforts to help those making Israel's case throughout the world, saying that the next generation of young people are being taught a false narrative.

Josh Hasten is the President of the Bar-Am Public Relations firm based in Jerusalem and the CAMERA organization's 2009 Letter Writer of the Year. He is the founder of, a service which gives pro-Israel advocates the opportunity to improve their chances of getting their ideas published in the media. Josh hosts the Reality Bytes podcast live every Thursday from 9:00 am - 11:00 am Israel time on Arutz Sheva -  Israel National Radio.
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