Audio: Pro-Israel Muslims - Why the Qur'an is Pro-Zionist

Find out why Israel belongs to the Jews according to Islam and meet the Muslims who preach it.
4/13/2011, 1:38 AM

A7 Radio's "Welcome to the Tribe" with Gabriella Licsko
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Today's show deals with a very hot topic; Islam. Learn about the Muslim traditions and how various Muslim societies connect to Jews and Israel. This week we interview with Lowell Gallin, a professional journalist and Orthodox Jew, who wrote a book about Islam The title of the work is: Cracking the Qur`an Code: God's Land, Torah and People Covenants with Israel in the Qur`an and Islamic tradition. Is every Muslim against Jews and Israel? Mr. Gallin's opinion is that one cannot generalize.
Learn more about the Muslim countries of Central Asia and their relationship with Israel. Get to know Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi of Rome, a well known Sufi (Muslim mystic) scholar who wishes to be the chief Imam of the IDF. Get to know about the Israeli Cherkasian population, and their connection to the State. 

Can a Muslim be Pro-Zionist, or are these two beliefs contradictory? Can there be peace between Jews and Muslims? If there are moderate voices within Islam, where does the radicalism and fanaticism came from? Tune in as Mr.Gallin gives us the answers.

Gabriella Licsko is a lecturer on Jewish history and society focusing on different religious communities. She leads tours of different neighborhoods in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well as tours across the country. Gabriella holds a bachelor's degree in Culture Studies and a master's degree in Jewish Studies and made aliyah from Hungary in 2007. She hosts the Welcome to the Tribe podcast every Tuesday from 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Israel National Radio.
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