Audio: British Colonel Richard Kemp & Lebanon author Michael Totten

Exclusive interview with author of book on Lebanon and British Colonel who defends Operation Cast Lead
4/7/2011, 7:01 PM

A7 Radio's "Judean Eve" with Eve Harow
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Michael J. Totten is an independent foreign correspondent and foreign-policy analyst, and author of the newly released "The Road to Fatima Gate: The Beirut Spring, the Rise of Hezbollah and the Iranian War Against Israel. "  This fast paced and eminently readable book succeeds at shedding light on the myriad different factions in
Lebanon, who is aligned with whom (for today....) and most importantly, why.  Totten, an American who clearly cares deeply about Lebanon, shares with Eve his personal experiences and thoughts on the region, its players and what the future may bring.  A must read for anyone interested in Israel and her neighbors.


After Operation Cast Lead, when Goldstone et al were aligned against Israel and the way the IDF conducts itself in war, a nearly lone voice of sanity and support was heard above the demonizing din.  British Colonel Richard Kemp, veteran of many Mid East campaigns and no stranger to the battlefield made the case for Israel in any forum he could.  Never in the history of the world has an army's moral code and actions been as high as that of the Israeli Defense Forces, he repeated time and again.  In the wake of this week's semi-retraction/reassessment of the infamous Report, the Colonel graciously spoke with Eve on the challenges we face, the price he paid
for his uncompromising stand and why his faith in us was not misplaced.  Would that the world was made up of Colonel Kemps.

Eve Harow, host of Judean Eve is a long-time community activist and tour guide from the Judean hills. Her extensive work in Israel advocacy has taken her all over the world. Each week she discusses archaeology, nature and interviews Israelis on current events in the Middle East and the Jewish world. The Judean Eve podcast airs live every Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio.
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