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Audio: How To (Not) Treat a Woman - Tech problem FIXED

Is the way Islam treats females a sign? Dr. Phyllis Chesler tells. - Tech problem FIXED
2/24/2011, 10:38 PM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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How To (Not) Treat a Woman

The brutal attack against a CBS female reporter covering events in Egypt, and the violation of Western countries by Jihadist Islamists, seem to expose a 'gang rape of the West'.  Who are behind these 'faces' in the revolutionary protests and riots that we, in the west, see on our TV screens, and what do we need to know about their values?  Do they really want a better life with more freedoms in a 'western' sort of way?  Or do they want to see Islamic sharia law take over?  Does the way these cultures treat their women (and ours) show their true stripes?  Author of The New Anti-SemitismDr. Phyllis Chesler, joins Tamar and talks about the disturbing bubbling of intolerance and prejudice against not only Israel, Jews, and females, but of western culture in general. 

Hour 2

Jewish Miracles, American Guilt

Tamar goes on a rant about the difference between the eastern and western hemisphere's value systems.  One needn't feel guilty when fighting their enemies, and the Americans didn't ask to be the Muslim's enemy. Why then do they cater to them and feel guilty for protecting their own culture?  Also, get a kleenex as you hear about the miracle that happened to one bereaved IDF mother.  Eddie tells us a tear-jerker of a story!  Plus, Gavriel Queenann joins Tamar as they discuss the issue of whether females should fight on the battle field.  Hour 2

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