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Audio: Prof. Anson Rainey; One of the Leading Scholars of our Time

In memorium, Prof. Anson Rainey, a leading scholar of our time.
2/24/2011, 1:55 PM

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Prof Anson Rainey passed away recently and is already deeply missed by colleagues and students throughout the world. Dr Paul Wright of Jerusalem University College, Dr Yigal Levin of Bar Ilan University, and Prof. Emeritus Aharon Demsky of Bar Ilan University share personal stories and an appreciation of his work. They say he was the only person on the planet combining such a broad mastery of linguistics, historical geography, and archaeology. The El Amarna letters will see new light and understanding thanks to his work in personally holding and reviewing all 384 tablets, spread throughout the world. The public can already appreciate his works, The Bible Atlas, and The Sacred Bridge in its full and concise editions, and others, thanks to the vision and care of Emanuel and Shay Hausuman of Carta Publishing.
Prof. Rainey, 81, humbly cared for his students never putting on airs; "...he never left us behind. " Uncomprising in his demands for his students to work, to think for themselves, and to explore rain or shine, he had a deep sense of humor; "...if you wanted someone to tour with you only on nice days you should have gotten a teacher named Sunny. " This is a rewarding and inspiring session. May Aryeh ben Avraham's memory be a blessing.
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