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Audio: Prof. Michal Artzy - Sea, Coast, Land; Acre - Pearl of Israel

Interview with Prof. Michal Arzy on the Beautiful Coast and Acre, the Pearl of Israel.
2/9/2011, 9:46 PM

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A fresh perspective - listen to Prof. Michal Artzy as she talks about Israel and the Sea. As head of the Sir Maurice and Lady Irene Hatter Laboratory for Coastal and Maritime Studies (the only marine laboratory in Israel), Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies, University of Haifa, her office overlooks the sea. Michal sees it as a "highway " connecting countries and cultures; and her many excavations around the Carmel, Acre, and the entire region. Prof. Artzy shares her view of Acre as the Pearl of Israel, the place to come learn ancient history, and how new excavations, restoration and conservation are connecting the people of today to their past, and thus building their and our future.
Dovid and Barnea talk about identity issues discussed today in the Knesset, the view from Moav, and much more.
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