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Audio: Mike's Place Jerusalem Returns

Interview with new owners of the famous Jerusalem hang-out and concert venue.
10/31/2010, 8:32 PM

A7 Radio's "Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast" with Ben Bresky
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Mike's Place, the local hangout known to English speaking residents and tourists has returned to Jerusalem after a year and a half absence. Reuben Beiser, Downtown Dave, and Mordechai Katz about the new location and its impact on the downtown Jerusalem music scene. Featuring music from Mike's Place regulars Remedy and haMakor.
Plus, Jewish jazz genius John Zorn on his Masada songbook and some harrowing music from his infamous Kristallnacht album. Also the Ani Maamin remix from DJ Shua Kiner, guitar rock Shma Yisrael from Jon Epstein and Haymarket Riot, and Jerusalem hip-hop from BenYomen.
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Ben Bresky is a music journalist and recording engineer living in Jerusalem. He hosts The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast interviewing a wide range of Jewish and Israeli musicians from Carlebach to klezmer, from hasidic to trance. For full archives visit
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