Audio: Tel Halif; IAA Conservation, Safed Horns, Temple Mt. Controversy

Tel Halif - 20 periods of history- traces of Hezekiah and Sennecharib's time...
8/4/2010, 10:10 PM

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Tel Halif - 20 periods of history- traces of Hezekiah and Sennecharib's time - Prof Oded Borowski of Emory University in Atlanta Georgia explains his multi-layer dig near Kibbutz Lahav, and the Michael C. Carlos Museum's exhibitions - including items from Kathleen Kenyon's excavations in Jerusalem and Jericho. See a map, historical timeline, and museum page. Join next year's dig - Look for it in BAR Magazine's excavation edition next winter! 

Saving the Stones- International Conservation Center in Acre-Akko - Director Shelley-Anne Peleg of the IAA explains the value and success of the program, inducting young people into the many aspects of conservation.

Horned Bracelet (bangle) of Ramat Razim - Karen Covello-Paran of the IAA describes the wonderful village and artifacts found in context, unexpectedly found near the surface in Safed, providing a new light of this size settlement from 3500 years ago. Karen emphatically states the horned bracelet was found in a clear destruction layer context of the Late Bronze period; rejecting a recent scholarly claim regarding its dating and significance.

Comptroller's Temple Mount report- Barnea and David discuss this week's news regarding the as-yet highly classified and unpublished review of governmental supervision of the most sensitive site on earth.  

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