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Audio: Ben-Tor on Tel Hazor! Groundbreaking at Tel Burna! Uziel & Shai

"There is Hazor, and there is everywhere else. " Thus says Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor of Hebrew University
6/2/2010, 10:43 PM

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"There is Hazor, and there is everywhere else. " Thus says Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor of Hebrew University, taking us through Hazor's layers. Hear his passion, clarity, and presentation, learning so much per minute about Israel's largest biblical site. The hunt for Hazor's cuneiform tablets archive is on!! 

"Our first objective is to get people interested in archaeology again. " Drs. Itzhak Shai and Joe Uziel of Bar Ilan University explain their deep educational goals, their choice of Tel Burna where no man or woman has excavated before, on the Judean Philistine order, experimenting with surveys, and dating the fortifications on its summit. 

Both excavations invite you to come and participate this summer! Hazor,  "Amnon Ben-Tor " Sunday June 20th - Friday July 30th, 2010. in 2 sessions. 

Sunday through Thursday June 13-July 1; particularly suited to come for individuals or families a one day dig starting 630am with an overview.

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