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Audio: Maps Make Bible Yours; Gaby Barkay Fights Temple Mount Denial

Gabriel Barkay explains the value of the Temple Mount Sifting Project he founded.
3/24/2010, 4:00 PM

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"For forty years the Bible was out there. Now it is here next to my chest! " Thus says one of Jim Monson's thousands of students who use his maps to "ground " the Bible. The founder of Biblical Backgrounds explains the three basic tenets of his work with passion and clarity. Jim demonstrates the transformation in understanding gained by starting from the soil and land itself; then grasping the regions and features of the country through 3D imagery. See to learn more about Jim's approach and products for home and classroom.

Gabriel Barkay, Senior Lecturer at Bar Ilan University explains the value of the Temple Mount Sifting Project he founded. Gaby contends that "Temple Mount denial " is worse than Holocaust denial; and he himself bore a yellow star. Gaby then fields a barrage of questions -  Egypt and the Exodus, Lachish and LMKH handles, and more.

Vital scientific work awaits the findings of the Sifting Project, such as carbon-14 dating, and funds are urgently needed. To help, write a check to Israel Exploration Society- Temple Mount Sifting Project, POB 7041, Jerusalem, 91070, Israel. Office is at 5 Avida Street, Jerusalem.

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