Audio: Should a Gentile Convert to Judaism or Not?

Once I find Torah’s truth do I need to convert to Judaism in order to receive salvation?
3/8/2010, 11:20 PM

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This week Ray and Prescott answer the question of whether to convert or not to convert. This is a difficult question with potentially significant repercussions.

Before you decide to convert you must learn as much as you can about Judaism. Read as many books as possible on the subject of Judaism. Go to lectures, take introductory courses on Judaism which are offered by many colleges and Jewish congregations, and talk to some Jewish friends. Remember that Judaism has an important ethnic component. You are joining a people, not just a religion, and so you need to learn about different aspects of Jewish culture as well as about the nation of Israel. 
See if Judaism's basic beliefs and practices make sense to you. Remember, though, that Judaism is a faith of good deeds, not forced creeds. There is more concern in Judaism that you act morally than that you have specific beliefs. All Jews share a passion to make the world a better place.

If converting to Judaism is what you choose to do then great but in remaining a Noahide we are no less important or loved less than the Jewish people by our Creator. You have as much opportunity to receive salvation as any Jewish person. Find out how.

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