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Audio: Grains of Time: Zvi Greenhut (IAA) & Amanda Weiss (BLMJ)

A leading archaeologist and a leading museum curator discuss their work Herby Dan adds the goods.
1/20/2010, 8:26 PM

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Discoveries and import of Israeli archaeology, the efficacy of geophysics, and personal discoveries relating to a High Priest family - a free ranging talk with Dr. Zvi Greenhut, Deputy Director of Survey & Excavations, Israel Antiquities Authority. Zvi freely talks for the first time on the air about his amazing discovery at Motza, literally on the road to Jerusalem- a biblical period city!
Inscriptions of a heretofore unknown administrative position; a unique sceptre head, a sign of governance; and dozens of silos, indicating important official's homestead supplied the capital. After you hear the interview stretching over two segments, read more on the IAA website. Dr Greenhut welcomes your questions at zvi@israntique.org.il.
Amanda Weiss, Managing Director of Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem, offers a fascinating insight into the vision of Eli Borowski and how it impacts thousands of visitors each year. David and Amanda discuss the educational heart of touching children and youth in particular with the meaning of history through objects, stories, drama and crafts. Amanda invites you to get on the mailing list for their monthly lectures and other programs at www.blmj.org. Catch the Greek exhibition this month before it closes, and come to the International Lunar conference coinciding with Tu Beshavat, and their 18th birthday clebrations in May.
We lead off with Herby Dan's story of coming to Israel and invites you to join him! The LandMinds team shares some fruit-packed baked goods in honor of Tu BeShevat, backed by exquisite South American coffee blend! (Disclosure- it was on the house and we loved it!) Go to www.herbysbakeshop.com to order (Secret- his US bakery was on Bethel Street; now he is Bet El.)
Join David Willner and Barnea Levi Selavan each week at LandMinds on Wednesday evenings 5-7 pm Israel time, 10-12 am Eastern Standard Time. We welcome your feedback! Please contact us at www.foundationstone.org
Join us next Wednesday as we host archaeologist Prof. Moshe Fisher (TAU),  and Rabbi Shaul Deutsch of the Living Torah Museum. Then catch the special Shevathon LandMinds show next Thursday night in the midnight slot!
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