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Audio: The Real Exodus 1947- First Hand Accounts, Citizen Heroes

Two Exodus 1947 Haganah leaders, Meir Schwartz and Naom Rubin, will tell their personal stories
12/30/2009, 11:05 PM

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First hand accounts of Exodus 1947 Haganah Ship participants, and departed captain Ike Aharonovich's friend and historian.

Prof. Meir Shwartz smuggled aboard a British ship deporting the 4500 Exodus refugees and infused them with spirit, hope, and organization. Thus they resisted British efforts to break the message of the mission that Jews should be allowed to come home. Prof Schwartz talks about the stirring moments of the people coming together - representing the entire Jewish nation, and holding out through the torturous ordeal. Share these precious moments, like the burial of a child at sea and the singing of the Selichot prayers together. 

Prof Aviva Halamish, author and historian, knew the recently deceased captain, Ike Aharonovich, and talks about his role. Aviva says the real Exodus story is stronger than Otto Preminger's movie. Mr Noam Rubin shares his role on behalf of the Mizrachi movement and Jewish Agency in caring for the Exodus refugees in the German camps. He spearheaded the decision that the priority of legal certificates to Palestine should be given to these people, and saw them all off - to the fulfillment of their dream. 

See http://www.amazon.com/Exodus-Affair-Holocaust-Survivors-Palestine/dp/0815605161 for Prof Halamish's book, Exodus Affair; and http://www.exodus1947.org/emshwartz.html to read more of Meir Schwartz's story.

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