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Audio: Reverend Manning Talks About American Black-Jewish Relations

Dr. James David Manning from the ATLAH Church in Harlem joins Tamar and shares his concern
12/21/2009, 12:00 AM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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He's controversial, but he's honest. Rev. Dr. James David Manning from the ATLAH Church in Harlem joins Tamar and shares his concern for the future of America, regarding U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, going so far as calling him a 'long-legged mack-daddy and an opportunist. Manning also states that Obama had a choice between befriending the Muslims or the Jews, and he chose the Muslims. Manning spoke at a synagogue where he praised Rabbi Meir Kahane z "l saying he was a man who spoke the truth. He goes on to comment about Jewish-Black relations, and says that the plight or curse that has befallen the American Black community with un-wed mothers, drugs and absentee fathers, might be fixed if they only adhered more carefully to a verse from the bible, Genesis 12:1-3, “And I will bless those that bless you and curse the one who curses you. And in you shall all families of the earth be blessed. " Plus: Defense Minister Ehud Barak is waging what some term as 'war' against Israeli citizens residing in Judea & Samaria. Susie Dym from Mattot Arim urges listeners to call the PM's office and tell him not to release terrorist murderers from jail, and to melt the building freeze placed on Israeli citizens in Judea & Samaria.

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