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Audio: Scoop from the Temple Mount, Zipori, Caring for History

The greatest show in Israel was Zipori Live - nothing has exceeded it since.
11/4/2009, 7:39 PM

A7 Radio's "LandMinds with Barnea and David" with
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The greatest show in Israel was Zipori Live - nothing has exceeded it since. From 1991 to 1998 Binny Shalev envisioned and pioneered the idea that an historical site must come to life to engage the public to care. Now Director of EPI, Effective Philanthropy in Israel (;, Binny remaThat an historical site must come to life to engage the public to care, was envisioned and pioneered by ins an outside consultant to Zipori National Park. With experience in other sites as well, Binny shares how to develop an historical site, building a coalition from the bottom up, thus enabling projects to flourish and the public to gain. No one is better qualified to speak on this topic. With Foundation Stone developing projects in Yavne, Elah Fortress and other sites, we found his comments and insights invaluable - you will too. 

David ambushes Barnea! Telling him there was a special surprise guest - he turned on him in the studio and aimed the mike! In a dramatic attempt to get Barnea to express his vision of the land of Israel, at least three times Barnea had nothing to say. This is unprecedented- and you will enjoy hearing his stories and perspective.

Sometimes there is a person who has so much to say of value, that you cannot believe the things coming out of his mouth, the facts, perspective - such was our hour-long interview with Zachi Zweig. This is the young man who watched tons of earth being dumped out of the Temple Mount, examined it and was told he was not being respectful of archaeology! Later, when he wanted to publish his finds, he was persecuted and prosecuted! Zachi tells of underground passages he identified through British work in the 1930's, largely classified; photographs of a lintel with a Hebrew inscriptions; a Byzantine mosaic which may be from a church, or built on a synagogue - explaining why the al-Aqsa Mosque was built on this site. 

Thanks to the Pope's recent visit, watch these words carefully, the garbage dump used in the First Temple Period, in the adjacent Kidron Valley, was uncovered, and Zachi recognized it for what it was. Broken idols were found- perhaps those destroyed by King Yoshiyahu, and pots of high quality which are being restored whole, a first. The actual work only started today! Coordinating six organizations to save the material last year was one accomplishment, yet the excavation license only came through this week, and the work started today. 

Yes, there is more! Zachi shares the latest finds of the Temple Mount Sifting Project, and expects 15 years of work- which runs from Sunday through Thursday from 9-4, and Fridays from 9-1 - a must for your visit, and for locals. 

The latest finds of the sifting project. Mr. Zweig still cannot believe that this is not the request of the government and public - why, even this month, at an archaeological conference, finds discovered during recent electrical work on the Temple Mount were removed from the program. Anceint walls were noticed there. Zachi reviews other finds from the 1970's identified to the east of the raised platform. Ya gotta hear this show. 

Zachi's perspective of the present conditions for visiting the Temple Mount, which he reviews in detail, we found very moving.  

The Temple Mount Sifting Project is on the slope of the Mount of Olives in the Emek Tzurim National Park, and can be visited by groups of up to 70 people at time. Get an historical review and then you sift, washing through the material. Over 60,000 people have participated to date. Call *6033 in Israel, or from overseas, 972 800 25-24-23. To learn more about what is happening on the Temple Mount and this project, see

For more information on Foundation Stone projects, tours, and educational materials, please call us at 972-2 930-9026, or 310 909-8497, or visit our website at
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